Office – How SmartCell Helped Launch the Business

Office – How SmartCell Helped Launch the Business

When the new business was proposed, little thought was given to office space, however as the increase in demand mushroomed it was imperative to identify a larger location as soon as possible.

With a new build complex nearby, and rates very attractive to fill the space, a contract was soon in place, but this meant fitting out the space quickly so the business could move in  and continue to meet customer demand.

With dates agreed within weeks, one problem was that a fire system was needed quickly as only the common areas had a working compliant system with tenants expected to provide a suitable system for their own areas.

Once the fire system had been specified the pressure was on and SmartCell was proposed as a solution, as a wireless system could be installed in a day, and the installer could be on-site within a week.

Meeting all the requirements of local codes, as well as the full approval of the building owner, SmartCell was up and running in a few days from the order being placed.

This allowed the team to move in on the the dates agreed.

*This case study is an amalgamation of a number of typical installations.