About SmartCell

A completely new wireless fire system platform, SmartCell, provides users not only with robust fire detection but with next generation communications and remote services. Additionally SmartCell integrates other important site services wirelessly and seamlessly, providing users with almost instant information, via text or email, of heating or cooling systems status or perhaps localised flooding of plant rooms. This technology platform pioneered by EMS can also provide a graphical depiction of each site with remote configuration of localised fire devices as well as the ability to diagnose and implement changes as current standards allow.
At the heart of this ground-breaking system has been the development, from the ground up, of brand new wireless field devices. For example, the SmartCell combined detector is now the smallest wireless detector available with its profile and appearance similar to traditional wired devices currently on the market. The differentiation, apart from being wire free, is that it includes a programmable 32 tone sounder, a certified EN54-23 Visual Alarm Device and independently programmable heat and smoke sensors.
This highly sophisticated detector can have all elements of its operation remotely controlled, too loud: then the volume can be reduced from anywhere in the world using a remote link to the control panel which has built in secure internet and GSM connections.
Elements of the detector can be securely switched on or off, dependant on local demands and the operational risk assessment: for example if a visual alarm is deemed not to be required it can be switched off. If heat detection only is necessary, because of localised or temporary conditions such as proximity to elements that could cause spurious alarms or contractors working, the smoke element can be switched off. All can be done locally or remotely.
Groundbreaking software developed in-house by EMS makes these actions intuitive and easy to implement across the entire system. The wireless technology and innovation that’s been incorporated into SmartCell has never been seen before. Combine this with a battery life expectancy of all field devices, in normal usage, exceeding the EN54-25 stipulation of three years minimum, and you have the next generation in both innovation and fire safety.
SmartCell, the future of fire detection available now.
The EMS wireless SmartCell fire detection system ensures that people and property can be protected quickly, with installations typically taking 25% of the time normally associated with the fitting of a wired system. Less intrusion to building operation and zero damage to décor is driving wireless as the ideal choice and perfect fire safety solution.
SmartCell technology will drive further innovation bringing world class safety and industry leading protection to all buildings and businesses without the constraints associated with many of today’s accepted technologies, all without compromise whilst maintaining business continuity and increased safety.